We go through a lot of sails here in Nova Scotia. With a few exceptions, these products are remade from sails, sail bags, boat covers, and any other marine waste that arrives at our studio.

With a circular upcycling system we all win. Donors get to feel good about keeping their marine waste out of our landfills and supporting a small business, purchasers have the opportunity to buy ethically made gear and goods with a modern aesthetic, and we get to produce products that are original, sustainable, and tough. Oh, and we never charge you for any donated materials. The bulk of our prices are calculated from labor and hardware; just like the original sails and boat covers these are made from, our products are built to last.


    Shop online and pick up your product at our studio in Chester. You can pay through our website, or at the time of pick up (this also works for holds). Please use our Chat feature to arrange a date and time.


    Shop online and have your product shipped anywhere in Canada. Flat rate shipping means you can fill up a Small Box for $25, Medium Box for $30, and a Large Box for $35. Gift Shipping is available. Read more about shipping here.


    Want to see what goes on at PLAYWEAR Headquarters, or see our products in person? Arrange your visit in our chat feature.