Our headquarters are located in Chester, a world-renowned sailing community nestled in the enchanting East Coast of Canada, aptly referred to as 'Canada's Ocean Playground.'

We go through a lot of sails here in Nova Scotia, and the fashion industry stands as the third-largest polluter on the planet. With a few exceptions, our products are remade from marine waste, materials that would otherwise contribute to our landfills and pollute our oceans.

PLAYWEAR is about blending the worlds of fashion, sailing, and sustainability. We want to offer something different from the ordinary: sailing anarchy. 


How did this brand come to be? Livia, the designer and founder, was raised in Chester, growing up with not one but two big dreams. She fell in love with both sailing and sewing at a very young age; racing competitively and getting her first sewing machine before 10.

Facing a tough decision between pursuing a career in Marine Navigation or a degree in Fashion Design, she chose sailing, which seemed less intimidating at the time. Still, sewing was her passion and her post-secondary education oscillated between Marine Studies and Fashion Arts for 12 years. This journey came to its end with her being certified as a Captain and, interestingly, a fashion school dropout.

In 2019, she finally took the plunge into entrepreneurship, merging her two dreams and launching PLAYWEAR. This unique fusion initially manifested through accessories has now taken off into the world of sustainable apparel. This year (2023) PLAYWEAR walked the runway at both Halifax and Paris Fashion Weeks. Stay tuned for our upcoming clothing collection.