What exactly is a PARTYBOOM?

They often say the most ingenious inventions are born out of necessity. After 20 years of club racing, I grew weary of the constant struggle – spilling drinks and losing my belongings overboard. And so the Original Party Boom Kit was born in Chester, Nova Scotia. This fully insulated, multi-drink koozie is designed to attach to your sailboat's boom and is the first of its kind.

Available in various sizes and capacities, it's not just a koozie – it's a complete system for keeping your drinks cool, music pumping, sunscreen handy, and all your sailing essentials secure and available on deck. Our race team has put this kit through rigorous testing and improvement, and the enthusiastic response from our pre-sale customers and competitors tells us we've got a bullet.


Boom shapes and sizes are diverse so we've developed the PARTYBOOM to be highly adjustable. Your purchase includes an adapter to accommodate variations in vertical diameter (optional), and webbing straps to cinch the circumference for that perfect, secure fit. The crucial measurement to consider is the horizontal boom diameter shown.

In straightforward terms – if your boom is smaller than a standard can or bigger than a case of cans (that's 12 in Nova Scotia), the PARTYBOOM is not recommended. Please use the chat feature below if you have any questions.