Think PLAYWEAR is turning a major profit from selling your donated materials? At Playwear, your donations contribute to a unique sustainability model. Unlike my competitors, and against the advice of many we do not resell donated materials and their inclusion is not factored into our pricing. Instead, these materials serve as a substitute for new ones whenever possible.

While we aspire to manufacture everything from reclaimed parts, producing a high-quality product intended for how we play necessitates the use of some new materials. All components are marine, military, or industrial grade, including but not limited to zippers, reinforcing materials, hardware, webbing, waterproof linings, thread, and more. Our products are constructed with the durability of boat covers and sails.

Beyond material costs, creating these remade products requires industrial-grade equipment, and a lot of reinforcement. The design and manufacturing of these products requires expertise, precision, and careful consideration. PLAYWEAR also compensates labor with fair compensation, which makes up the bulk of the cost for our apparel and accessories.

While the choices of PLAYWEAR might not always lead to a lower-priced product, they undeniably guarantee the production of high-quality, eco-friendly, and ethically made merchandise, and we work very hard to keep our prices fair. No hidden tactics here—just a passion-driven woman doing what she loves without exploitation.