Have materials to donate?

When you choose to donate your retired sails or other materials to PLAYWEAR, you're not only helping reduce waste; you're becoming an integral part of our mission to promote sustainability and support local initiatives. Moreover, your generous contributions play a pivotal role in nurturing a small, local business committed to manufacturing sustainable products. We highly value your support and the positive impact it creates. Thank you for being a part of our journey toward a more sustainable future, and keeping your marine waste out of our landfills.

Repurposed, but never resold.

At Playwear, your donation contributes to a unique sustainability model. Unlike our competitors and against the advice of many, we don't resell donated materials and their inclusion is not factored into our pricing. Instead, these materials serve as a substitute for new ones whenever possible. See more about our pricing here.

Your donations go further than you think.

We donate a lot. We use your sails and canvas to support many local regattas and fundraising initiatives in our community every year. Your generosity helps us give back to the village we reside in, and contribute to the thriving sailing community in Nova Scotia. Another reason to feel great about donating your retired sails, etc.